A Fish Tale

In a cold, grey world, a man finds joy in his pet fish.  So much so that he has transformed his apartment into an aquarium.  But perfect happiness can’t last forever…


Monkey Ninja Tim

Tim is an ordinary boy living an ordinary life and that’s the way he likes it. Then an underpants-wearing, time-traveling monkey and a cake-baking ninja take up residence in his house and Tim’s life becomes a whole lot less ordinary.


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Tech Connect Live

As always, we are on the cutting edge of entertainment.  Mark Strong will be speaking at Tech Connect Live in Dublin on the 25 May. http://techconnect-live.com/#home We will speaking on the impact of data and analytics on the changing face of video content, from... read more

Artistic Edge: How Indie Apps Are Getting Discovered

Note:  This is a great article from iKids, telling the realities behind independent app production.  Great knowledge in this as we continually look at kids app and alternative outlets. by  Daniela Fisher You might not know Josh Book by name, but chances are you’ve... read more

Pacific Vision Buys Miscast

Japanese theatrical distributor, Pacific Vision, has bought Wandering Eye’s short film Miscast at the International Short Film Festival of Clermont Ferrand.  Pacific Vision have taken worldwide rights for the short.  The sale was made by Network Television... read more
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