Emily is in town for an interview. She meets Tom at a dinner organised by her friend and past lover Alfie. Tom and Emily soon realize they have a strong connection and they are both intensely attracted to one another. They spend one night together before Emily has to fly home the next day. Plans for the next weekend are made, and Tom insists on booking a flight to see Emily. But circumstances dictate that he can’t. Emily is left with the mystery of her messages left unanswered.

ALMOST is a film that explores the nature of attraction. It’s about trust, connection and the belief in the possibility of love at first kiss. When fate intervenes and silence prevails the agony of ‘nothing’ calls into question the fallibility of memory, and our susceptibility to our insecurities. The subsequent loss of faith and self-doubt are exposed as one of the most tragic outcomes of the film. ALMOST is, though, ultimately a story of hope; it aims to illuminate the importance of trusting one’s instincts. Despite the sometimes cruel and arbitrary nature of life it is possible to have moments of wonderful that shouldn’t be doubted. ALMOST also explores some key questions in regards to time – what defines past and future, and the possibilities of the present. Memory and expectation can manipulate us away from reality; and arguably it is rare to ever properly experience the present. So perhaps the old romantic adage “…and time stopped still” has some veritas. Perhaps the moments with newly found lovers are the ones in which we truly live.

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