Hollywood is tough. It’s even tougher when you’re an 8-ft tall Minotaur who got his start in video games. But how do you make the transition from blood hungry monster in “Demon Blood Boils” to Daisy in “Girl Interrupted”? You start with a good agent…

Stuart is our Minotaur and he wants to move into the mainstream entertainment buzz. So make some really, really shortsighted moves – he insults the game designers on his soon-to-be last paying gig, he chews his agent out and almost eats one of his other clients, and he takes a part where he has to work with kids. Worst idea ever.

Miscast is about Stuart’s path to stardom through all of the characters, both real and misanthropic, that populate LA-LA land. Combining game engines, computer graphics and live-action, “Miscast” will redefine digital entertainment.

Showcasing the talents of Mark Strong and his work in live-action/machinima projects, Miscast combines game-play and traditional filming to create a funny and insightful portrayal of the future of entertainment.


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