Project EVO

DNA – The building block of all life…

But what happens when those chains of life get tangled?  Human, fish, insect, reptile…machine.  All tangled.  All changing.

When four kids are struck by strange rays from outer space, their DNA gets mixed with animal DNA.  And suddenly they have the power of instant evolution – changing morphing adapting to whatever situation is thrown at them.  They are Project Evo.

When you’re fourteen, it’s hard enough fitting in under normal circumstances, but try it when wings are sprouting out of your back, or gills are growing on your neck.  It’s a life you didn’t expect and initially may find hard to adjust to, but at the same time, it’s something you know has always been deep inside of you, that’s always been a part of your DNA.

So when four teens suddenly discover what they really are, it will provide the answer to some mysterious questions they’ve been dealing with for as long as they can remember.

For Junko, it’s the fact that she’s never understood why she’s felt more at ease perched on the ledge fifty stories up on a Sydney high rise than she ever did with her feet planted firmly on terra firma.

For Wil, he’s often wondered why when other boys his age thought it was cool to fry insects under a magnifying glass, he’d rescue them, often getting beat up as a result,  but taking solace in the fact these creepy crawlers were safe and could now roam all over him, head to toe.

Then there’s Raquel, or Rockie for short. While her contemporaries fought “bath time” or were forced by their parents to take showers, she’d always do anything to stay in the water for hours, even missing a play date with a best friend.

And as for Kai, what’s up with that tongue of his? When his buddies were content to just use it to stick out at their enemies, he saw it as a valuable appendage. And the somewhat unsightly rough skin around his knees and elbows? Why’s it always been a source of pride to him even when every girl he knows thinks it’s gross?

And then there are the bad guys.  Sometimes it’s a transformation that has gone horribly wrong, like the kid who got both dog and cat DNA.  Or the adult who became a predator wasp, trying to use our bodies as nests.  But always at the head is Flux, someone whose DNA took a radical turn and went from organic to inorganic.  Composed of one part human and one part machine, Flux is a steampunk nightmare, determined to make the world a better place – for machines.

Brought together, they’ll form a fighting force unlike any other in the world, going up against enemies that are always changing, always pushing them to their physical and mental limits, becoming more and more determined to destroy everything in their path and send Earth spiraling into “de-evolution.”

Project Evo was conceived of in our Australian group, Firebreak Productions, with Mark Strong and Peter Herbert.  Greg Klein and Tom Pugsley have worked on the pilot script and development has been assisted by Brenda Wooding of KidGlove and Heather Kenyon of Citizen Skull.

If you are interested in our graphic novel series, illustrated by Tommie Kelly, please contact us.

Status:  Development

Format: 26 x 22′ Animated Adventure

Age: 9-12 years old

© 2015 Wandering Eye Pictures